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Rafael Lopez – The Seven Truths

Creating Meaningful Connections Is the Gateway to Your Desires

Are you lonely or struggling to connect with the people you want to?

You’ve tried and tried to reach out to connect and failed.
It’s not entirely your fault.
You were probably never taught how to connect, say the things that work, or be comfortable in your own skin. 

If you can relate to this problem, this 3 Video Series for The 7 Truths of Having It All will give you a proven method and skills to create those deep, meaningful connections you crave.
Rafael Lopez Consulting

Let The Fun Begin

Connecting The Dots

2 Day Immersive Experience

Frustrated with your relationship(s), or lack of them? Connecting the Dots (when there are no dots) is a two day immersive experience introducing you to the 7 Truths. You will experience the first layer of the 7 Truths and you will also learn the skills to easily and powerfully make the connections to have what it is you desire.


6 Week Online Course

Feeling stuck in your life? Not sure of the direction you want your life to go?

This comprehensive and intensive 6 Week Program will take you from your current situation, in any aspect of your life, to the place you truly want. Diving deep to uncover the roots of the problem and implant new and positive patterns in your life.

Connection Masters Group

4 Week Online Program

Being in a shared focus and shared experience is one of the most powerful and effective ways to learn. When you are able to be in this type of environment, the shared experience gives you the ability to get different perspectives and discover key insights within yourself. Co-creating with the power of the collective wisdom propels you to new heights.


Private One-on-One Coaching

Do you want to get the most expansion and growth in the shortest amount of time possible?

The Fast Track is a proven system of One on One individual sessions to give you the specialized attention you need to blow past anything that is holding you back from whatever it is you desire. 


Rafael Lopez – The Seven Truths
Rafael Lopez – The Seven Truths
Rafael Lopez – The Seven Truths
Rafael Lopez – The Seven Truths
Rafael Lopez Consulting

Get To Know The Man Behind The 7 Truths

Rafael believes creating meaningful connections is the gateway to whatever you desire.

He has coached, mentored both men and women, young and old for more than 25 years to connect deeply and authentically with others and themselves.

He loves adventures that include hitting the open road on his Harley, completing triathlons, duathlons, marathons and if that wasn't enough...whitewater rafting!

He's truly driven to help people get clear on what they desire and create a direct path to get there.

Rafael is so brilliant and kind. He really helped me get out of my way and back to the most balanced me so I could attract and receive the relationship I have been wanting for years. It worked and happened very quickly and I am amazed how easy it was. I've never been this happy with me and in my romantic relationship. Rafael changed my life and I couldn't be more grateful.

Janelle A

After working with Rafael, I am a better man. I now know how to really connect with women. He taught me a deeper understanding of what is going on beneath the surface in male-female dynamics in a way that has shifted my interaction with women into an easy and comfortable experience. If you are wanting a better love life, working with Rafael is a no-brainer.

Mike Begala

I have seen a lot of therapists, psychologists, councilors, and psychiatrists throughout my life. None of them have been nearly as effective as Rafael. I went in with very a very specific issue I wanted to work on and that issue was resolved within a few sessions, along with other things we uncovered together. I would and do recommend Rafael to friends and family.

Patrick V.

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