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Create the Life and Relationships you desire

How long have you been letting life slip you by?

The time is now to take action.

During our private conversation we’ll help you create more awareness, get clarity for your goals and create an action plan so you know what to do next.

Learn and develop the skills you need to have the most amazing life and relationships

Once you have the skills, the world is your playground. Life flows in ways you may have never imagined.

First we need to take a look at the things in your life that are stopping you.

What’s holding you back from living the life and having the relationships you truly want?

I invite you to come play and create your future. Your true future is open and up for grabs. 

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Rafael Lopez – The Seven Truths

Mike Begala

After working with Rafael, I am a better man. I now know how to really connect with women. He taught me a deeper understanding of what is going on beneath the surface in male-female dynamics in a way that has shifted my interaction with women into an easy and comfortable experience. If you are wanting a better love life, working with Rafael is a no-brainer.

Janelle A

He is so brilliant and kind. He really helped me get out of my way and back to the most balanced me so I could attract and receive the relationship I have been wanting for years. It worked and happened very quickly and I am amazed how easy it was. I've never been this happy with me and in my romantic relationship. Rafael changed my life and I couldn't be more grateful.

Rafael Lopez – The Seven Truths

Schedule your connection breakthrough session

In this free 45 minute session we’ll connect and talk about the things that are not working for you in your life, become super clear on what you want, and create the future you desire.

I have seen a lot of therapists, psychologists, councilors, and psychiatrists throughout my life. None of them have been nearly as effective as Rafael. I went in with very a very specific issue I wanted to work on and that issue was resolved within a few sessions, along with other things we uncovered together.

A session with Rafael feels like a conversation with a good nonjudgmental friend. I felt comfortable saying anything to him. Instead of sitting there and listening to you talk about your problems, Rafael will spend a short amount of time discussing your problems and the majority of the time trying to actually SOLVE whatever issues are troubling you in your life. This place is about action, not talking. Rafael is intuitive and can tell easily what issues need to be worked on at the moment. There is a tremendous amount of value I get from these sessions. I would and do recommend Rafael to friends and family.

Patrick V